Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use STORM?

STORM is a collaborative and friendly web based tool that helps organizations to identify, evaluate and manage their information security risks.

Does STORM propose Threat and Vulnerabilities Lists?

There is a list of possible threats and corresponding vulnerabilities according to the asset type, stored in the STORM database.

Does STORM support customization?

STORM proposes user groups weights that might be changed in order to address the spcific needs of each organization.

Which are the supported format of reports?

The user is able to view impact / threat / vulnerability /risk asseesments reports in various formats. The supported reports are the following:

  • Online Forms
  • Online Chart Diagramms
  • Downloadable PDF Files
  • Downloadable EXCEL Files
  • Printed Reports

STORM Version 3.0: STORM has been updated in order to offer GDPR compliance services
STORM Version 2.0: The new version of STORM complies with the ISO 27001:2013 requirements
ISO 27001:2013: New version of the ISO 27001 standard published on October 2013.